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Fitness for Body, Mind and Spirit

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Fitness for the body, mind & spirit

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Greetings and welcome!


Welcome to GreenNote Fitness. My name is Lisa Schaffer and I am a personal trainer in pursuit of longevity and sharing my research and experience to help as many people as I can with optimizing their own health.


The truth is there is a TON of information swirling the interwebs about fitness, nutrition, meditation, and the like. Through years of researching and self-experimentation, I have found countless resources for what works and experts to learn from.


How did I come to want to pursue longevity and ultimately healthspan? Firstly, let's look at some definitions.  Longevity is derived from the latin longaevus.  It is the length or duration of life or viability. Healthspan is a little more specific, so not just a duration of one's life but the quality of life - a period of good health in a person's life.


In the midst of caring for my aging parents, I was brought firmly into the realization that health matters. Taking care of oneself the best one can for as long as one can is of the utmost importance.  I saw first hand the resources it took not just for helping someone with physical things but also managing things like paying bills, investments, taxes and the like.


Then and there I spoke to myself - I was going to have to do everything I could to take care of my own health so that I could continue to help others and to be as self-reliant as I possibly could for as long as I can.  As discussed above, in today's language the term is longevity or more specifically "healthspan" - basically meaning the quality of your life no matter how long your days on earth are.


My daily routine, nutrition, exercise, meditation, journaling, breathwork, and protocols such as body work, hot/cold contrast showers, supplementation and the like, I do all in the name of healthspan. Some may say that sure is a lot of work.  So is taking medication, going to doctors appointments, surgeries, trouble sleeping, difficulty moving, depression/anxiety, high-blood pressure, achy joints. My aim is to avoid or reduce those unwelcome things as much as possible.  I tell people it is much easier to live in the pursuit of something rather than to try to dig yourself out of a gigantic pit.


When you start to study longevity and healthspan, there are so many "hacks", supplements, protocols that it can seem very overwhelming and confusing. Taking a step back, we can come to understand that for health optimization - to live better, now and in the future, there are 3 Disciplines that we must invest our time. They are the disciplines of body, mind, and spirit. 

This past decade has been dedicated to learning about the human body, mind and spirit and how to optimize all aspects. I've read books, articles, listened to tons of podcasts, gone to conferences, summits, workshops, taken on-line courses  and followed the experts of our time.


The GreenNote Fitness website has taken on a slightly new look. I want it to reflect my work, what I've learned so I can share it with you.  Hopefully, it will be of value for your own journey - to help you in your daily life so that what matters most can be realized.


I wish you a journey of health and well being.


To your journey,


Lisa Schaffer

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