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Fitness for Body, Mind and Spirit

GreenNote Life

Fitness for the body, mind & spirit

Get inspired!
Take charge of your life.

"I love to ride dirt bikes which requires strength, agility, and balance. With GreenNote Fitness, I have been able to improve in those areas and enjoy my dirt bike riding even more! It's about mind and body!" ~ Jim K.

Hear what others are saying about GreenNote Fitness...


Tracy K.

What is inspiring about Tracy is his can-do, never quit attitude. He wants to improve and so he pushes himself. Tracy is grateful for the people in his life. If you have ever met him, you can see his bright smile when he talks about his family and how this impacts his health and well-being.


"GreenNote Fitness has helped me ensure proper form so I don't get injured during workouts and I notice improvements in my golf swing."


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Susan K.

 Susan has such a positive outlook on life and has an open mind about trying new things which pushes her to the next level.


"GreenNote Fitness has been a resource for educating me about nutrition, food choices, and the right activities for shedding a few unwanted pounds. I am now at my goal weight and continue to maintain it. I continue to learn about the mind and body connection"

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Patti D.

Patti takes on challenges as opportunities - stand-up paddle boarding, hockey, and a PhD. 


"I was out of shape and struggling to fully participate in all of the activities I love. Through Lisa's support and blog insights, I found myself willing to make lifestyle changes, including how I view food and nutrition. Plus I developed strength, balance and a love for working out."

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Parker is a student taking advanced classes, and is active in the student body as well as band. At such a young age, he is laying a foundation that will serve him well as he is continuously learning, seeking knowledge, and taking action. His self-motivation to improve himself in many aspects of his life will serve him well.


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