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Fitness for Body, Mind and Spirit

GreenNote Life

Fitness for the body, mind & spirit


Welcome to the GreenNote Fitness community.

This website is created as a resource to help you on your journey to self discovery. Within these pages you will find ways to help you build your branches of body, mind, and spirit. Our firm belief is that we all have the power within to be our better selves. There is so much in this world that inspires us to fulfill and discover our greatness; We want to share that with you. 


Inspiration. Where does it come from? We are all inspired differently. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that inspiration exists. There are many century-old sages and gurus, philosophers and leaders who have all dealt with the same questions we are asking ourselves today. How can I better handle stress and make thoughtful decisions? How can I lead better? How can I be a better spouse or parent? Let GreenNote Fitness help you, inspire you to answer those questions.

At GreenNote Fitness, much of our day consists of delving deep into this goodness, sifting through the information, and sharing it with you. We provide what inspires us and what challenges we are working on in the hopes that it will spark something within your self.


To make it easy to focus your inspiration, the branches are broken into:

Fitness for Body

Fitness for Mind

Fitness for Spirit


Go at your own pace. Try on for size what works for you. Let this inspiration move you forward on your journey.


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Fitness for Body, Mind and Spirit
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