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Fitness for Body, Mind and Spirit

GreenNote Life

Fitness for the body, mind & spirit

Training Services

Customized Training  We all have different physical areas we need to improve. We all have different interests and even in some cases, injuries, that must be addressed - individually. Lisa customizes each session to best meet the needs of her clients in a safe, progressive manner that reduces the risk of injury. It’s not all work. She makes it fun for her clients while pushing them beyond their comfort zones.

Fitness training
One-On-One Personal Training

Work one-on-one to learn proper form and technique suited to your needs and goals to ensure excellent results. In this customized session, you will get a complete full-body strength-training program designed for your unique needs and goals. Each session will be different to effectively work different muscle groups.

Location: Endless Possibilities Training systems Studio 8931 J. Street Omaha, NE


$30 per 30-minute session - 10 session package commitment
$45 per 50-minute session - 10 session package commitment
Phone or Skype Consultation

Want to start your journey but don’t know where to begin? Have already started your journey but looking to grow and challenge yourself? In this 20 or 50 minute one-on-one phone or Skype consultation you get your training questions answered. Great for beginners or advanced. We will contact you to schedule your call and provide any necessary follow-up clarifications or notes you need.


20-minute session - $25
50-minute session - $55
Health and Wellness consultation
Green E-Notes
by Lisa Schaffer
" This program has been very successful for me. I’ve noticed great improvement in my muscle tone, stamina and overall health; the program syncs well with my personal lifestyle; and, best of all, it never gets boring! I highly recommend Lisa’s services to anyone looking for an outstanding fitness and health consultant." ~ Tina S.
Health and wellness consultation

Susan is a financial advisor, wife, and mother of two.  What is inspiring about Susan is her willingness to try new things, have an open-mind, and positive outlook on life.

Read more about Susan.

Health and wellness consultation

What is inspiring about Tracy is his can-do, never quit attitude.  He wants to improve and so he pushes himself. Tracy is grateful for the people in his life.  If you have ever met him, you can see his bright smile when he talks about his family.
Read more about Tracy.

Health and wellness consultation

Patti is open-minded and willing to try new things such as SUP (stand-up paddle boarding), hockey, and…obtaining her PhD. 
Read more about Patti.

Health and wellness consultation

Parker is a student taking many advanced classes, is active in the student body council, and band member.  What is inspiring about Parker is his self-motivation to improve himself in many aspects of his life.  He is continuously learning, seeking knowledge and taking action.  At such a young age, he is laying a foundation that will not only serve him well, but those around him as well.
Read more about Parker.

Health and wellness consultation

A couple of things come quickly to mind when thinking about what is inspiring about Ian: he pushes himself, always, to improve and get better than he was the day before; and he consistently tries new activities on his own or with a bunch of friends.  This helps him to set and achieve goals and to enjoy life. Shouldn’t that be a part of all of our journeys? 
Read more about Ian.

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