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Music for your brain...

Asleep and dreaming, something startles me awake. As I look at the clock it's many hours before I need to get up, my mind starts to think. This isn’t good. I need to get back to sleep and fast before the mind gets busy. I reach for my noise-cancelling headphones and plug into my phone. Awaits is an app that will quiet my mind and get me back into deep slumber. Zzzzzzzzzz….. This is different than white noise. Different from binaural beats. This app,, uses sound waves and AI (artificial intelligence) for sleep, relaxation, focus, meditation, and more. The creators use music as brain stimulation to influence cognitive states. All of the music in is created by AI and a 3D audio recording process to produce realistic 3D sounds that are engineered one hundred percent digitally. loves science and has as their advisor Dr. Benjamin Morillon, a cognitive neuroscientist leading research in auditory neuro-physiology. His paper on Dynamic Attending Theory (DAT) was published in the journal, Nature. This Theory is a key foundation behind the science of As the website states, Dr. Morillon’s expertise is in brain imaging, advanced signal processing and psychophysics. Also serving as an advisor is Dr. Bernardo Cordovez. With a PhD in mechanical engineering, he specializes in biomedical and nanotechnology devices, holding multiple patents. Check out their White Paper here and Science FAQ here. This technology is fascinating and definitely emerging. The science may not be easy to explain but what I experience is easier to describe. Using my noise-canceling headset, I can enhance the experience and take in the 3-D effect, hearing sounds in not only different ears but at times it’s ‘circling' my head. When using the sleep, nap, relaxation, or meditation options, it really quiets my mind and helps immensely with relaxation. I’ve also used the focus option when writing and indeed was able to concentrate. The use of the headset I think works best. You could also use the standard issue earbuds but if you are in a noisy environment you won’t be able to get the same experience. Our environment today is very stimulating to say the least. We can access so much information in a matter of seconds. Running errands, taking a care of family and friends, and working takes much cognitive effort. We all would like to slow down sometimes and that may be difficult. It is so important for our health to take time out. Whether it’s going for a walk, breath work, meditation, prayer, or using an app, making yourself a priority will help you as well as those around you. Give yourself permission…you are worth it. With my writing completed I could sure use some relaxation time. I reach for my headset and phone, scroll on the app, and let the gentle sounds of a rain forest fill my ears...

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