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Fitness for the body, mind & spirit

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Find your sign…

For the last year or so I’ve been searching for how to connect GreenNote Fitness to its core or essence which is mind, body, and spirit. My premise is that you can’t fully have one without the others. That being in “good shape” isn’t so we look good in a pair of jeans but rather that we can more fully connect to who we are and thus connect more fully to those around us. In my head and in my heart I knew this to be true and began reading and listening to podcasts that would help develop this further.

FedX knows my address very well as they consistently deliver books to my home. I scour these books, fold pages, underline passages and write notes all over my books (I prefer good ole fashioned paper books to a screen). Not only do I believe that the mind, body, and spirit is connected in a profound way, I also believe that no matter what I read, say going back to Marcus Aurelius in 170 AD (read: Meditations) to modern day fiction, Louise Erdrich’s The Round House, there is a connection. There are obstacles and challenges that some would call the human condition. These things have always been here for humans to ponder, endure, and overcome. It’s just that now it is our turn to figure our way in the world we know or think we know.

One of the “connections” for me came from a book about goals, The Highest Goal, by Michael Ray. It reminded me of other books and podcasts that I had heard from Mark Divine, the former Navy SEAL and head of SEALFIT where I would complete their basic training course in early August. When I saw this “connection” in The Highest Goal book, I knew I had to go to SEALFIT. That was my sign. I clicked “purchase" on the SEALFIT website and have not regretted that decision once. To the contrary, it was exactly what I needed. It has propelled me forward, confirming my beliefs of the mind, body, spirit connection and turning the dial up even further than I could have possibly imagined and would have taken me years to piece together. Is this an easy path? No. Does it require discipline daily? Yes. Does it further me upon being a whole person? Yes. Can that help me to serve others? Yes.

Now that I found this connection doesn’t mean the journey is over. No, no, no, moreover, it is in many ways just the beginning. There is much work to be done…daily. It is a pursuit to be better and better each day, every day. Finding this direction grounds me and provides me with energy to forge the way to be a complete person that can serve others fully. How we get there is different for all of us. The books I’ve read may provide no meaning to you. I’m hopeful, however, that it has given you an inspiration to find your path, what drives you forward, and gives meaning to your life.

Your turn. What is it for you? What is your gut telling you to pursue? Meditation? Yoga? Nutritional food? New job? Hobby? Volunteering? Asking for help?

It is my humble intent that GreenNote Fitness serves as a beacon that sheds light on your journey. Whether the sea is angry or calm, I’m hopeful that you will find the key that unlocks your greatness that needs to be shared with us all.

Find your sign…and follow it...

To your journey,

Lisa Schaffer

GreenNote Fitness

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