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My 21-days...cold shower...cold vest

This morning I just finished three weeks of taking a cold, 5-minute shower and wearing a cold vest (Cool Fat Burner Vest) for 30 minutes each day. This was my second challenge in as many months. You may recall from “Word…always keep yours...” newsletter where I did three weeks of sit-ups, push-ups, and squats each morning and evening. That propelled me to a new challenge…cold.

So why the challenge?

Looking at it from a broad perspective, setting goals and stepping outside of our comfort zone helps us to grow. It helps develop mental toughness. After each challenge is completed we build a little more confidence, that positive self-talk, “I got this”, “easy day”, “every day I’m getting stronger and better”, really starts to resonate. It isn’t empty words but an internal belief we hold. It builds and grows and then we hear ourselves say, “what can I do next?”, “what’s my next challenge?”, “bring it on”.

Looking at the cold challenge specifically, it was a great way for me to be, well, cold. I know the many benefits (see "Challenge yourself…”) that cold has for the body and I wanted to use it consistently while improving mental toughness.

What I found:

  • Importance of controlling the breath, resisting the urge to breathe hard and instead take deep, slow breaths

  • There is power in being in the moment, just you, the cold, and your breath. Control your breath and you can control your mind

  • Embrace the cold, feel it, keep negative thoughts at bay…at that point you become one with the cold

  • It got easier as the days progressed and was definitely easier when I had a positive attitude about it…”cold shower…let’s do this!”

  • It felt great! Especially after the cold shower, the water is turned off and you immediately feel the blood rush to surface of the skin to try to warm it. Amazingly awesome! It leaves one feeling very invigorated and energized.

  • The cold shower then immediately to cold vest was quite noticeable; I was cold for some time afterwards. Could really “feel” the body try to stay warm and does so by burning calories

What’s my next challenge?

In a few days time, I will begin my next challenge. Drumroll please. I will be doing a Kokoro Yoga Challenge for 30 days. I recently purchased a book on yoga, “Koko-ro Yoga” written by Mark Divine. I’ve mentioned him before. He is the former commander of the Navy SEALS. I’ve attended workshops and retreats at his SEALFIT Academy. As part of his book launch he is challenging us with 15 minutes a day of yoga for 30 days. Of course I will let you know my lessons learned.

In the meantime, what is your challenge? Looking to start an exercise program? Develop mental toughness? Eat nutritiously? Find your challenge. Name it. Set your intention. And then do it.

To your journey,

Lisa Schaffer

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