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Reflections on Body, Mind & Spirit: Leading by Example


This month I just finished up a 9-week on-line Leadership Course which I learned so much from and thoroughly enjoyed. One of those lessons is that we are all leaders - leaders in different seasons of our lives and in different areas. Today we will dive a little deeper into leadership of body, mind, and spirit.


Leaders take care of their health

Among the first people I listen to with regards to leadership is former commander of the Navy SEALS, Mark Divine. I am drawing inspiration from his view on leadership and health.

Embracing physical health isn't just a personal choice; it's a cornerstone for effective leadership.

It's not a mere preference but a fundamental necessity for those striving for leadership excellence.

A leader has to spend countless hours working at an elite level. This requires energy, mental resilience, and emotional stability. Leading by example is paramount to helping your team succeed. As the Stoic philosopher Epictetus would say, don't explain your philosophy. Embody it. Leadership begins with our behavior, as James Clear reminds us, people gravitate toward the standard you set, not the standard you request.

Challenge for you:

What example are you setting for the people in your charge? What does your behavior say about your leadership?


Leaders are readers

A key tenant of the Leadership Challenge is that leaders are readers. Also, it is not just that you read, as Epictetus would say, it matters more what you read. Included is a picture of a few of the books that were recommended in this course. We were given some tips to follow for reading books effectively which I've outlined below.

  • Develop a reading practice - that you read from great thinkers is important.

  • Make time to read - often people say they don't have time but really you are choosing not to make time.

  • Find a tutor - to be a great leader, you need a tutor or someone who advises you. Eisenhower, as a young military officer, had Fox Connor, his mentor, who picked out and directed a course of reading that helped shape his career. Who is leading or introducing you to new books?

  • Become functionally literate - it's not that you can read, it's that you have read very deeply.

  • Re-read the Stoics - we never step in the same river twice, the Stoics say. We change. Our circumstances change. We get something new every time we re-read a book.

  • Don't read too much - Marcus Aurelius would say, get active in life's purpose while we can. Don't always be retreating from the world, we must go out into it. Live the ideas you are reading about.

  • All leaders must be readers - Truman said that not all readers are leaders but all leaders are readers. Prioritizing quality reading is an essential component to leadership.

Challenge for you:

Do you set aside time to read? What are you reading? If you primarily read fiction, try some non-fiction books. You may want to consider a reading challenge. Ryan Holiday has a great challenge that you can check out here.


Leaders ask for help

U2 is currently performing in Las Vegas at the Sphere, a unique new venue. I had the opportunity to see their concert and had an absolute blast. What I didn't expect was to be reflecting upon our mortality; U2 band members have aged, and guess what? So have we all. There is one song in particular that had me thinking, "One". If you look up the meaning of the lyrics, one of the interpretations is the struggle that the band was going through at the time. It's about coming together as one despite our differences.

One life, but we are not the same

We get to carry each other, carry each other



It reminded me that time is precious. What am I doing to help others? We all need help. We can't do any of it alone. There was a powerful video in the Leadership Challenge that spoke how the Stoics were not afraid to ask for help and we shouldn't be afraid either.

Challenge for you:

There may be someone in your life who could use some help; share this video with them and then watch it yourself.

Quote I’m pondering

"We forget that we all belong to one another." ~ Mother Teresa

To your reflection and health,

Lisa Schaffer

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