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Reflections on Body, Mind & Spirit: Things I learned in 2023

Welcome to a new year.  How were your holidays?  Did you get to spend time with family and friends?  Did you give yourself some quiet time to just be and perhaps reflect upon the year?  Reflection is what this newsletter is all about.  Equally it could be titled awareness for with that comes our opportunity to grow, change, and adapt.

In December I hit the pause button, taking time to reflect upon what went well and where I can make improvements, changes, or modifications.  What things will I concentrate on this year that will benefit me in the years to come?  Let's take a look.


Warm-up properly and have the discipline to rest

Fool me once...I can point to a few instances in 2023 where, in a hurry to "get a work out in" I wasn't warmed up properly and subsequently injured myself.  This set me back a week or two in some instances and required visits to my go-to-guy for body repair.

These were great reminders of the importance of a proper warm up.  When at the gym I will do a five to ten minute warm up on the stair stepper or push the Prowler (sled you may have seen on the NFL combine) before doing dynamic stretching. All of these will be done prior to the workout.

I'm also re-evaluating my training protocol, allowing myself more days of active recovery.  This could include walking, dynamic stretching, using bands for resistance, and breath work.

It's important to be aware of how your body is feeling at that moment and incorporate the proper training for that day.

Challenge for you:

What are you most proud of for your workouts in 2023?  Where could you make improvements?  How will you achieve these improvements?  Take time to reflect upon where modifications should be made.


Organization begets simplification 

Reduced clutter is a form of organization.  It's a broad brush stroke but one I will be focused on for the coming years.  Without organization - this includes all facets of life: home storage; filing; computer files/emails; finances; etc.- one cannot have a simplified life.  My "brass ring" for 2024 and beyond is simplification.

If I have the discipline to create guardrails this helps keep balance and order and repels chaos.  I think this helps one stay in the present moment - focused.  Further, we know, as James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, points out, we don't rise to the level of goals.  We fall to the level of our systems.

Challenge for you:

We all need some form of simplification.  What is it for you?  Perhaps it's saying "no" to social options or social media. Spend some time reflecting upon where you could make your life more simple and less chaotic.


Breath work 

Positive things spring forth from practicing breath work - being still and not being “busy”.  It cultivates stillness and as we know Stillness is the Key  Incorporating breath work into my day pairs very well with my reflection on Body - it is a chance for the body, mind, and spirit to quiet, heal and repair.  

In the coming weeks and months, I will be doing a mid-day and/or evening breathing exercise.  I know the benefits, I just have to have the discipline to be consistent.

Challenge for you:

Where can you incorporate more stillness in your life?  What tools do you need to implement it?

A Question I’m pondering

The hard part is not knowing what to do, but having the resolve to do it. What is one thing you know you should do right now and you just need to step up and do it? ~ James Clear

To your reflection and health,

Lisa Schaffer

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