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Fitness for the body, mind & spirit

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Welcome to GreenNote Fitness Reflections.

Each month I share with you what I’m doing for longevity - to live my life fully with joy while serving others.

We will deep-dive into optimizing brain function and mitochondrial health while

maintaining strength and balance of body, mind, and spirit.

This is the first GreenNote Fitness “Reflections”!

For nearly 5 YEARS, each and every week without fail, I’ve produced GreenNote Fitness Thoughtful Thursday. It was created for you with the hopes that it would benefit you in some way.

As I mentioned in that 250th newsletter, I wanted to make some changes to the format and content and name - Reflections. What is “Reflections”? Hint, it has much to do with longevity and anti-aging. It is the result of investing in two key areas.

“Reflections” is a result of taking what I’ve learned from writing the past five years and understanding the importance of being still and reflecting on my “why” and purpose.

Two areas that helped me with this process are the Unbeatable Mind Experience I attended this past September (developed by former commander of the Navy SEALS, Mark Divine) and reading Ryan Holiday’s, “Stillness is the Key”.

Stillness is the Key

Being still and reflecting upon my purpose and “why” (as Mark tells us, get really clear on your why), I feel strongly connected to what I’m working towards. Drum roll please! I wrote about this in the Thoughtful Thursday, Longevity...Daring to Live Well...

Having created “space” and listening, I understand more fully the importance of longevity - optimizing my brain function, mitochondrial health, mindfulness, and spirituality. Doing this, living this lifestyle will help to keep me at my best so I can help care for others.

As we age, can we honestly rely upon some helpful soul to care for us? I’m not leaving that to chance. I’m taking on that responsibility for myself and in the process I will be better able to serve others. That responsibility will not be easy and will require patience, researching, experimenting, and plenty of discipline. An investment that will pay huge dividends.

What can you expect to see from GreenNote Fitness Reflections? This is more than a newsletter; it’s my investment report. I will be sharing exactly what I’m doing for longevity and anti-aging. There are so many pathologies and physiological mechanisms that need to be addressed to help increase not just lifespan but ensuring quality of life simultaneously. I will continue to try new things for improving health but this endeavor will be more focused and methodical.

Some of which needs to be addressed include: immune system; cardiovascular system; musculoskeletal system; telomeres; thymus gland; and T-Killer cell production to name but a few. As you can see there is much to cover. Before deep-diving though, it’s best to be sure all the basics are covered, which we will look at next time.

Now that I’m super clear on my “why”, super clear on my purpose, I’m going to get after this amazing thing called “life”.

I am hopeful that this will be beneficial to you.

To our reflection,

Lisa Schaffer

Do you have a friend that would benefit from this information?

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