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Reflections: body, mind, and spirit...2022 Highlights

Here's what I've been doing for Body, Mind, and Spirit - highlights of 2022!

We concluded the GreenNote Fitness 2022 newsletter with some questions I posed to reflect upon for 2022.

What have I done to improve my body this year?

One of things I’ve focused the most upon in 2022 has been mobility. We all know the importance of being able to move through a full range of motion without pain. I studied where I could improve with relation to golf.

Enter golf mobility. There are specific movements and ranges of motion that are required to play golf and ultimately be better at it. This type of mobility is not beneficial solely for golfers; it benefits every-body. As a result of focusing on mobility for golf, I’ve noticed more connection to where my body is throughout movement and not just in a golf swing but in my warm-ups, regular exercise, and just walking.

The knowledge, skill, and momentum of “mobility for golf” will carry me forward in 2023 with more efficiency and strength as well.

What have I done to expand my mind?

I feel fortunate that I really enjoy learning. There are so many wonderful things in this world that I’m constantly fascinated by. One thing that stands out in my mind for 2022 was taking the Read to Lead: A Daily Stoic Reading Challenge by Ryan Holiday . It re-ignited my passion for reading books (not just articles or other things online).

I’m excited for 2023 to keep reading “books”. I have a pile of them in my library that I will make time for each week.

How deep is my spiritually?

That’s a big question. Most things require moderation. I believe that one could never have an overabundance of spirituality as it is endless, right? Perhaps over the last three years, I have measurably expanded this area in my life. It is truly a source of fulfillment. The most notable action I took in 2022 was completing the Bible in a Year podcast from Ascension. What an adventure. As always, so much more to learn. In 2023 I have started and will complete the next milestone (podcast) which is The Catechism in a Year from Ascension Press. Once more, that momentum from hearing about the Bible is carrying me forward to learn more.

Final note

Perhaps you have noticed in your life where something was maybe hard to start, like going to the gym, but once you developed a routine around it, it was much easier to keep going.

That’s the thing. We must all keep going. Small steps add up. Reading a page a day adds up. Saying one prayer a day adds up. And so it goes.

We can look to the new year with hope and determination. I look at it from the perspective of how what I do in the next year, month, week, or day, will help shape and form the person I will become 5, 10, 15, 20 years from now.

To the new the next twenty!

To your reflection and health,

Lisa Schaffer

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