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Fitness for Body, Mind and Spirit

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Fitness for the body, mind & spirit

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Reflections: body, mind, and spirit... Delicious smoothie, glucose awareness, breathwork

Here's what I've been doing for Body, Mind, and Spirit.


Oh so smooth!

I'm really digging this new smoothie I've been making. It's like a chocolate milkshake except it's good for you! What makes it so good? It includes avocado which makes it creamy and is rich in vitamins and minerals and is a healthy fat. Next we have colostrum which also adds some creaminess to the smoothie. It provides complete nutrition and contains growth factors that can help leaky gut. Colostrum is also good for muscle growth and recovery. What's a smoothie without chocolate? For this flavor, I'm using cacao powder which has a delicious flavor and is full of antioxidants, minerals, and healthy fats. For the liquid base I use coconut water which is high in minerals and adds natural sweetness. Let's add some more creaminess with ghee. This is clarified butter so it's the purest form of butter. It helps pull out toxins from your gut and helps the gut absorb fat soluble nutrients.

Mix all together and viola! You have a nutritious smoothie. Portions are included below. Add or subtract as you like.

Ingredients for the creamy, chocolate, nutritious smoothie:

  • One avocado - peeled and seed removed

  • Tablespoon of ghee (clarified butter)

  • Two scoops of colostrum (I used Kion colostrum)

  • One tablespoon of cacao powder

  • One to two cups of coconut water

  • Optional: one scoop of bone broth powder (I use one from PaleoValley); two capsules (broken open) of Turmeric (I use from PaleoValley or Thorne Research); any other vitamins or supplements you want

  • Note: amounts of each ingredients can be adjusted to taste and quantity you want

Instructions: place all ingredients in a bowl or container and blend, mixing all the contents thoroughly. Poor and drink. Enjoy!

Challenge for you:

Find a food or beverage that you really enjoy and make it nutritious. Why not start with a good-for-you delicious smoothie?!


Don't spike it!

I've been re-reading Glucose Revolution by scientist Jessie Inchauspe. The book gives a very easy to understand explanation of glucose, how our body uses and needs it, and how to "flatten the curve". You can read about my experiment of wearing an CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor here:

Some simple tips offered in the book:

  • How eating foods in the right order will help with losing weight

  • What secret ingredient will allow you to eat dessert and still go into fat-burning mode

  • What small change to your breakfast will unlock energy and cut your cravings

Challenge for you:

Next time you eat a meal, consider how this might impact your glucose levels. The book mentioned is worth the read.


Breathe for connectedness

Another area I'm revisiting is the breathwork course I took on-line, SOMA Breath). This is great for the body....and spirit as I'm using it to be grounded and grateful. Takes time to slow down but when we do, the connection to a higher power is more prominent and makes daily tribulations pale in comparison to the bigger "why".

Challenge for you:

Try some relaxing breathwork; 4:8. That's breathing in for four counts and smoothly exhaling for a count of eight. This is nostril breathing so breathe in through your nostrils and breathe out through your nostrils. Try this for five to ten minutes and observe what you feel.

To your reflection and health,

Lisa Schaffer

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