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Fasted morning walks to burn fat…and other great things...

For the past three months, three to four times a week, I go for a walk in the morning without having eaten since dinner the night before. In other words, it is a fasted morning walk. You can find more details on fasting in “Why I fasted for 24 hours…and other curious things…" and “Benefits to intermittent fasting” . For a little extra effort, I wear a weighted vest, about 10 pounds. The walk lasts 20 to 30 minutes. I love, love, love doing this for many reasons. Here are three of those reasons. Fat loss - Being in a fasted state has an enhanced fat burning effect. Essentially, the body is looking to fat stores to burn as fuel as opposed to any glucose in your system. The body uses chemicals known as catecholamines, to break fat cells down into usable energy. Catecholamines travel through your blood and “attach” to receptors on fat cells, which then trigger the release of the energy stored within the cells so it can be burned off. You want to be careful to not do high-intensity training in a fasted state as this is a stressor for the body and could impact lean muscle loss. For a more intense training session, I will save that for later in the day after having broken the fast. Remember, for fat loss to occur, you need to be eating nutritiously; you can’t out run (or out walk) a poor diet. Mental fitness - Walking is great for clearing the head. To ensure I’m getting the best out of my 30 minutes of walking, I’m engaged in that activity. Meaning, I don’t have a headset on, I’m not looking down at my phone, and not looking down at the ground for that matter. My head is up, walking with good posture, and taking in the beautiful sunrise and sounds of the many different birds. If you can go for your walk in nature, all the better. Research shows that walking in nature can reduce stress, improve our moods, and help with depression and anxiety. Regardless of your setting, enjoy your walk. I incorporate my gratitude practice while walking. When you are fully present outdoors, it is hard not to be grateful. Sets the day for success - Beginning your day with reduced stress, in a better mood, and burning fat, is a great way to start. You take control and responsibility for your well-being. We’ve discussed the importance of setting a morning routine in the newsletter “If you do one thing in 2015…do this” . You deserve to be well. Honor yourself. Walking is a great activity. Our bodies are meant to move so walk whenever you can. If your aim is to burn fat, the best time for that would be in the morning before you have anything to eat. Regardless of what time you go for a walk, know you are doing your body, mind, a spirit, a great service. It can be just what you need to start a healthy lifestyle, to feel better about yourself, and to take that first step for changing your life. Let’s get walking! You will be glad you did. To your journey, Lisa Schaffer GreenNote Fitness P.S. Checkout my Facebook page for inspiration. **Do you have a friend that would benefit from this information? Please forward it to them!**

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