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Challenge Yourself

I just finished three weeks of doing sit-ups, push-ups, and squats upon waking in the morning and before bed. You may remember this from my newsletter, “‘Word'…always keep yours…”. The first week you do five sit-ups, five push-ups, and 10 squats each morning and evening for a week. The second week you double it to 10 sit-ups, 10 push-ups, and 20 squats. The third week you triple that number. If you miss a morning or evening you start back over until you have completed that for three weeks.

Did I have any problems with keeping my word? Maybe twice. One evening upon going to bed I momentarily forgot so leaped out of bed and completed my reps. The second time I had had a heavy bench pressing day and muscles being extremely sore I found the push-ups quite challenging and painful but I finished it.

This got me thinking about the power of staying true to your word and true to yourself. Doing a physical exercise trains just not the body but the mind as well. Doing so in small daily doses adds up exponentially. One of the things that come to mind when we challenge yourself is that it is never really as difficult as we imagined in our mind. When we fully embrace that, come face to face with a challenge, accept that challenge, and persevere, we grow. We gain confidence. We wonder how we could have thought the task so difficult. And…we want another challenge… Can I get a witness?

For the next three weeks, every day I will challenge myself with cold. Cold water and a cold vest. I haven’t been consistent with this as of late. I need to step it up because for one, I know the many benefits of a cold shower and wearing a cold-vest (not at the same time). I’ve written about cold thermogenesis before. Here are some of the benefits:

• Fat loss

• Strengthening of the immune system

• Shutdown of inflammation

• Boost in stress resilience

• Lowered blood sugar

• Cut in food cravings

• Improved adrenal function

• Enhanced thyroid function

• Improved deep sleep quality

When you put it like that…

What does this look like. For the next three weeks I will take a 5 minute cold shower (as cold as I can go) every day and in addition to that I will wear my Cool Fat-burning Vest for 30 minutes each day. That’s a lot of cold. I will be keeping a journal to record how I felt and what I noticed about myself in the process.

How about you? Got a challenge for the next three weeks? I would love to hear about it. You can head over to the GreenNote Fitness Facebook page or respond to me here. It can be a cold shower, push-ups, cutting dairy and grains, whatever you want. Just do it consistently for twenty-one consecutive days.

Go ahead.

Challenge yourself...

To your journey,

Lisa Schaffer

**Do you have a friend that would benefit from this information?

Please forward it to them!**

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