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Giving Thanks...having purpose...

Memorial Day will be observed this weekend. Many streets, homes, and graveyards will be decorated with flags and flowers to remember these individuals (…and their families…) who sacrificed themselves to protect us from harm and to ensure our freedom. Those courageous men and women had a mission and they knew their purpose. As we observe what they gave for their country, let us not only give thanks but think about our own mission, our own purpose.

It’s very easy to get into a daily routine for working, eating, and checking email and social media. Is that living? Fully? Perhaps it's merely getting by...

What is your mission? What is your purpose?

Are you waiting until retirement or some other life-event to:

• start an exercise program and eat nutritiously?

• create something of value to share with others?

• be happy?

• find your purpose...?


A big question, one we may need help with, but as Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor explains, that’s OK.

Don’t be ashamed to need help. Like a soldier storming a wall, you have a mission to accomplish. And if you have been wounded and need a comrade to help you up? So what?"

Our path may be difficult but it should not hinder us from discovering our purpose and to live on purpose, as Aristotle has taught us.

After all...we have the freedom to do that...

To your journey,

Lisa Schaffer

**Do you have a friend that would benefit from this information? Please forward it to them!**

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