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Exercise every single day…?

In his article, “How to Live a Full Life (and Leave Nothing on the Table) by 30”, Ryan Holiday provides a list and explanation of 40 different “life lessons” to do or not do by the time you are 30. Arguably you could utilize this wisdom no matter what age you are. One of these “lessons” caught my eye: Exercise Every Single Day - Don’t let yourself get to the point where you feel like some day in the future you’d like to lose weight or be in shape. Be in shape. Make exercise part of your job, part of your duties as a human being. Let endorphins be something you give yourself every day. Hmmm…exercise every single day…. I like what he is saying here. Don’t wait to be in shape, make it a part of your day, your life. Taking it a step beyond brings us back to the GreenNote Fitness philosophy of training in three branches of body, mind, and spirit for creating a life well lived: Fitness for body ~ The body is our foundation. We are given only one so we must have the awareness to take great care to nourish it with movement, food, and thought... Fitness for mind ~ Our minds are powerful tools that can be used to help us achieve greatly and positively impact those around us. Often overlooked, the mind needs training, just like the body... Fitness for spirit ~ The body is our foundation, the mind fuels thoughts and actions, the spirit is at the core or center of this all. To live fully, we must engage with it... Make fitness, of all branches, part of your daily life. Make it your responsibility to live a life well lived. Back to you. How are you living a full life? Every. Single. Day. To your journey, Lisa Schaffer GreenNote Fitness P.S. Check out my Facebook page for inspiration. P.P.S. Discover GreenNote Fitness recommendations for recovery, supplements, protein bars & powders, nutrition, equipment, and more.

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