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Fitness for the body, mind & spirit

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Dec 3, 2021: Here's what I've been doing for Body, Mind, and Spirit


During the summer golf season, I eased up a bit on my strength training. With golf courses closing for the season, I'm excited to get back to the weights.

Check out this routine. After each set, increase the weight. Go through three times.

Three sets of:

  • Kettle bell deadlift - 6x (six repetitions)

  • Chest press with dumbbells - 6x

  • Dumbbell overhead press - 6x

  • Rest - 1 minute

  • Bent over row with a resistance band - 6x

  • Squat with dumbbell overhead keeping weights above head, (also known as loaded overhead squat) - 6x

  • Rest - 1 minute

  • Curl to overhead press with dumbbell - 6x

  • Oblique twist with resistance band - 6 each side

  • Rest - 1 minute

After each set, increase the weight, so it gets progressively harder. The lower number of repetitions makes this manageable.

What I really like about this workout is the set amount of rest time; in this case one minute. This keeps the heart rate up and blood circulating.

Try incorporating a set time for rest between exercises, it keeps training more intense but manageable.


I think the key to happiness is maximizing each day. So if you are unhappy, here's a simple prescription: Live harder. ~ Laird Hamilton


At first glance this may seem a little harsh and a bit trite. That would be an easy interpretation; just dismiss this as tough guy not understanding my problems. I wanted to approach this from a different lens; what can I learn or take from this. So, I reflected upon it and here is what I found.

My interpretation of this…live harder…is having mindset of awareness and practicing it daily. For me that’s my morning routine of meditation, breath work, prayer, movement, and gratitude. This really sets the mind in a peaceful and purposeful state. Without this grounding, it is very easy to go about the day reacting and instead of living on purpose.

The small steps of setting an intention of being more aware and being grateful and putting that into a daily practice can have a huge impact on how we live.

How about you? How could you live harder?


Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving - a day of thanks. Some would say it is a reminder that it shouldn't be just one day of thanksgiving but a daily awareness.

There is always room for improvement and dissecting a concept to obtain more meaning. I recently heard this with regards to gratitude - gratitude is a springboard to humility. Reflecting upon this concept, one can see this point - when we are grateful we walk in awareness that something bigger than ourselves is present in our life.

With December upon us and as we prepare for Christmas, I will be giving more intention each day to being present and in tune to so many things I am grateful for - walking in that awareness, and feeling the humility that it brings is a true gift. Thank you…

To our reflection,

Lisa Schaffer

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