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Having grit, feeling inspiration, and loyalty...

We begin this week’s newsletter by asking this question. How do you approach your life? This week I watched a documentary film that I have been wanting to see for over a year. I’m fascinated by what humans set out to due no matter the odds and am intrigued by how people (as the previous question asks) approach their lives. I was that kid sitting in the movie theater transfixed by the determination and heart of Rocky Balboa; transported in time watching runners on the beach in Chariots of Fire, and cheering for Danielson, an injured martial artist, in The Karate Kid. (I’m so thankful that my parents loved movies and would take me, my siblings, and friends to see them…that was a really big deal at the time…thanks m & d...). The documentary, Meru, (click here to learn more), is about the personal and team journey of three climbers to complete the first ascent (no one else had ever successfully climbed to the top) of the “Shark’s Fin” route on Meru Peak; a 21,850 foot “jagged monster” in India’s Gharwal Himalayas. Unlike climbing Everest, climbing Meru is an unsupported endeavor. There is no assistance, no sherpas, or any support team to carry your gear or help you if things go bad. And things often go bad when you are on a side of mountain, hanging on by a thread... Are films really about a specific event? Is Rocky really about boxing? Is Chariots of Fire really about running in the Olympics? Is the Karate Kid really about Karate? No. Like those films, the 2015 Sundance Film U.S. Documentary Audience Award, Meru, is about much more than an amazingly dangerous climb up a mountain. This documentary arguably could be described in just three words:

  • Grit

  • Inspiration

  • Loyalty

For most of us, we fortunately aren’t in a life and death situation everyday or endure an expedition that will place us in one. Regardless, what if we took those three words: grit; inspiration; and loyalty to team and applied to our lives right now. Specifically, what if we added the embodiment of those words into our three GreenNote Fitness branches: Fitness for Body; Fitness for Mind; and Fitness for Spirit? Grit. How could we remove one excuse and keep going? Inspiration. How could we infuse one positive word or deed into our life? Loyalty How could we help one person in our community? Let’s reflect upon how we approach our lives and may we all find and conquer our own Meru... To your journey, Lisa Schaffer GreenNote Fitness P.S. Check out my Facebook page for inspiration. P.P.S. Discover GreenNote Fitness recommendations for recovery, supplements, protein bars & powders, nutrition, equipment, and more. **Do you have a friend that would benefit from this information? Please forward it to them!**

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