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Fitness for the body, mind & spirit

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Thoughtful Thursday…for time crunched folks...

Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday. This GreenNote Fitness newsletter mindfully gathers and distills useful information that is supportive to our journey. It is my mission to educate, inspire, and propel you into action that moves you towards your goals and life of purpose. Take control of your journey today.

Many of us are continually crunched for time. With that in mind, this week’s newsletter reflects on ways we can improve our well-being in a short amount of time and effort.


A great actionable article that suggests writing five emails a week that will help improve friendships, career, and happiness. Don’t have time to write five? Try just one email a week and see how that feels.

Gratitude Practice Gratitude is shown to have many benefits. A number of studies have been conducted showing improved sleep, physical and psychological health to name just a few. Without taking much time from your day, how can you practice gratitude? Stop light. On your way to work or school, inevitably you will encounter a stop light. While at the stop light, name three things you are grateful for; everyone in the car can take turns. So if your kids are in the vehicle, they each have to say three things they are grateful for. Give it a try. It’s free and doesn’t require much time.

Video Exercises to do if short on time 3-3-3 Short on time but don’t want to neglect your fitness? I’ve got just the thing for you; three exercises, three repetitions, for three sets. Perform three repetitions of each exercise three times through. To see this in action look at the video below

These exercises:

  • Can be done anywhere; home, office, airport, park

  • Doesn’t require any equipment

  • Requires a short amount of time

Did you missed last week’s newsletter on what good leaders do, advice from father to son, a book for a growth mindset and exercise video…?

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