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My morning coffee got even better...!

Almost every morning I enjoy my piping hot coffee. Not just any coffee but coffee made by my friends at Kion. You see, Kion goes the extra mile to ensure its quality and goodness.

This includes:

  • 100% organic and tested for mold, pesticides, and mycotoxins

  • Carefully roasted to avoid bitterness and unlock a smooth, rich flavor

  • Ethically sourced from fair-trade coffee cooperatives and hardworking farmers

  • Nitrogen flushed so your precious brew will show up on your doorstep as fresh as the day it was roasted

What's new?

  • It’s now dark roasted by coffee aficionados who make sure each bean tastes smooth and rich—without being bitter like other dark roasts.

  • It’s in whole bean form, so you can still enjoy the deep, robust flavor of your dark roast from bean to brew.

  • It has a unique flavor profile with a rich, complex, and full bodied flavor and indulgent notes of caramelized sugar, dark chocolate, and toasted nuts.

They are still offering their medium-roast and decaf coffees. Kion Dark Roast is simply another option to fuel your day.

Now I can begin my mornings with a darker, bolder, and more energizing coffee than ever. And so can you!

Use this link to get fueling with Kion's Dark Roast coffee

To our reflection,

Lisa Schaffer

Do you have a friend that would benefit from this information?

***Please forward it to them!***


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