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Fitness for Body, Mind and Spirit

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Fitness for the body, mind & spirit

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Reflections: body, mind, and spirit: Recovery tools, Exercise for brain health, Meditation app

Here's what I've been doing for Body, Mind, and Spirit.


Recovery tools

When to exercise and how to exercise is not only having awareness of what you should do in the moment, it's having discipline to follow through as there can be consequences if you don’t. Case in point, I should have listened to my tired body and elevated resting heart rate (a metric I get from my Oura Ring), instead of doing the workout I had planned for the early morning. Something so simple has picking up weights to start the exercise left me with back pain and out of commission for TWO weeks. If only...

There is a difference between listening to your body and taking it easy versus not doing anything at all. When we need to dial things back a bit, a great activity is stretching, foam rolling, or just plain gentle movement. I’ve found that in the evening instead going to my recliner, sitting on the floor and grabbing a rumble roller or vibrating sphere can help ease tight muscles and bring an overall relaxation.

Challenge for you:

This week in the evening instead of heading for the couch, sit down on the floor. This in itself may be challenging. Notice how it feels. Then start to gently move. Do some stretching. For double-bonus grab a ball or foam or rumble roller to work out tight knots. Keep exploring.


Improved brain function

Speaking of movement…I’ve been reading articles on importance of exercise for brain health and our ability to experience happiness. We know that exercise can improve muscle mass, strength, bone health, sleep and mood. It also enhances how your brain functions, it helps it to relax, reducing depression and anxiety. It is so beneficial for the brain. In fact, a study has shown that high fitness levels in midlife delayed dementia by almost 10 years!

Challenge for you:

Think about not only how good exercise is for your body about also your brain. Give it some love and attention this week. With the previous challenge helping you to undo those tight muscle knots, now get outside for some fresh air and go for a walk. Be good to your brain.


Meditation appreciation

This past month I've reflected upon how thankful I am for an article in Fast Company I read well over a decade ago. It talked about a new mediation app called Headspace. Of course now there are hundreds of such apps but at the time this was very new. Meditation in general was new to me but I was so intrigued that I downloaded the app and thus began a meditating journey that I embark on every day.

It showed me not just how busy my mind was but the negative noise it was producing. Through morning meditation, I began being less defensive and noticing the good in people, giving them the benefit of the doubt and having more patience, understanding and tolerance of others. I am so grateful for having been shown this tool. It really has had an impact on my life.

Challenge for you:

Take some time for reflection. What do you have in your life that you are truly grateful for and that has had a great impact on your life? Need help? Try a little daily meditation.

Quote I'm pondering - from James Clear

It's hard to build momentum if you're dividing your attention."

To your reflection and health,

Lisa Schaffer

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