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Keep going…don’t quit

It’s Thursday and time for another GreenNote Fitness newsletter! If you’ve checked out my Facebook page you saw that I posted some pictures from our recent trip to Maui. A beautiful place with wonderful food and amazing view of nature in process. I had plenty of time to appreciate and feel gratitude for being on vacation. We did see many spectacular things but what stands out most is the grace and majestic presence of the whales that come there each year for safe harbor. How about you, are you feeling a safe harbor to get what you want out of life? This year? Today?

We are already a couple of weeks into the new year. How are all of the goals you set for yourself going? Perhaps your goals were to get fit or do a push-up, get a new job, or take a new class. Whatever they are, how are you doing? Are you taking small steps to achieve what you have set out to do? Or are you discouraged? Had a set back perhaps? Don’t have a support system? Are you left with no results but plenty of excuses?

Time to take a deep breath. Grab that piece of paper or open that computer file with your goals written out. Close your eyes and visualize what your end goal looks like, what it feels like. It is sometimes easier to stay in the familiar, to stay stagnant, and to not take a risk. Many of us may fear success. We may fear failure. Keep in mind that without risk there is no reward. Our spirit can be squeezed and our happiness stunted.


Take one small step and do it today. Remember my very first newsletter? I wrote about not being perfect, just get started. You don’t have to be perfect. None of us are. But we do have the capability to be better than we were yesterday and hopeful we will be even better tomorrow.

So if you are trying to increase your strength to do a push-up, do just one per day. Keep going. If you want a new job and don’t know where to start, begin with what’s in your heart. Sit with a pen a paper and write down what your ideal day would look like. Keep going. If you want to take a new class but need extra motivation, ask a friend to go with you. Keep going. None of this has to be perfect. Just. Keep. Going. You will build confidence, your fear will subside, and you will be looking forward to being better than you were the day before.

Keep going.

Don’t. Quit.

To your journey,

Lisa Schaffer

GreenNote Fitness

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