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May challenge brings...discipline and a stronger core...

Summer is right around the corner. We've had the winter to work on strengthening our immunity and our ever-important mitochondria. For the rest of the month of May let's do a challenge, shall we?

Why take on a challenge?

When asked this question, I think of something that I learned from attending retreats and camps put on by the former Commander of the Navy SEALS, Mark Divine. He teaches us that we want to go to (embrace) a challenge before one comes to you. Meaning, if we sit idly by and do nothing in our lives that will make us grow, we will be faced with challenges that we do not want. So, it is better to set challenges for ourselves continually before being faced with something we did not ask for, nor are prepared to handle.

Challenge that helped me lose 4.5 pounds in a week (and 10 pounds total)

I mentioned in the introduction that a previous challenge of my client's that I took on resulted in me losing a fair amount of weight. You can read about that challenge here . Basically, I reduced my carbohydrate intake very strictly for a week and ever since have been very much "awake" to the understanding of how much of our modern food contains unnecessary amounts of carbohydrates.

May challenge for a stronger core (and mind)

Drumroll please! This challenge will only take you five minutes. It must be completed every day during the month of May. I realize that this newsletter has been released a week into month so we must get cracking! We are going to complete a plank each day for five minutes. Here are the steps to this five minute challenge:

  • Basic plank (think of position for doing a push-up, on hands) - One minute

  • Leg raised plank (drop from hands to elbows, keep one leg up for 30 seconds, then switch leg for 30 seconds) - 30 seconds each leg

  • Basic plank (plank position on hands) - 30 seconds

  • Elbow plank (drop to plank position on elbows) - 30 seconds

  • One side plank (turn to side on one elbow, place other hand behind head) - 30 seconds each side

  • Elbow plank - One minute

Have a timer and move from each position to the next without stopping. This may be difficult to do in the beginning but keep going. Just think of how strong you will be by the end of the month! Now, here is where the mental toughness comes into play. Five minutes may seem like a long time. Your mind will start to think negative thoughts. Stop these thoughts and replace with something positive like, "I've got this!", "Easy day!", "Ain't nothing but a thing!".

I really hope that you pick up this challenge. Let's do this together! Each day and every day, keep going. Remember, we want to go to a challenge before the challenge comes to us.

To our reflection,

Lisa Schaffer

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